Secret Superstar Hong Kong Box Office 3rd Week Collections: Still Running To Packed Houses!

Secret Superstar Hong Kong Box Office: Which was the last movie whose box office was running for so long all over the world, Dangal? This time it’s the same Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar. Moulded with correct emotions the movie has been making a place in everyone’s hearts worldwide. After India, Taiwan and China the movie is on the verge of completing three weeks at the Hong Kong box office.

Where Aamir Khan’s portrayal of Shakti Kumar made everyone laugh, Zaira Wasim and Meher Vij took the responsibility of making everyone’s eyes moist. Journey of an aspiring singer with the backdrop of domestic violence has found its home in the heart of millions now.

Secret Superstar Hong Kong Box Office
Secret Superstar Hong Kong Box Office

The movie initiated the weekdays of its 3rd week by bagging HK $ 209,580 on its 3rd Monday. It went on to double the collection on its 3rd Tuesday be earning HK $ 439,252. The movie is just running on 29 locations all over the place Hong Kong. It stands at the grand total of HK $ 11,470,497 (9.75 crores) at the Hong Kong box office.

Aamir Khan recently shared his thoughts on how India as a movie market is equivalent to china. He said, “I think India has as big a potential as China. I just feel that China has done major investment in the entertainment industry and its administration is also supportive. They have built up a lot of screens, and that is why the business has gone up.

“I think if we build many more theatres here in India, which is such a large country with a huge population, we will get the same kind of growth in the entertainment and film industry. So it is just the matter of building the infrastructure in India.”

On the discussion that actors need to consider “fee cutting”, Aamir said, “Actually I don’t charge a fee. People don’t know that but it has been years since I have stopped charging a fee.

“If the film makes less money, I make less money, and if the film makes more money, I make more money,” said the actor, who has been regaling Bollywood audiences for over two decades.