Opening Weekend Battle: Akshay Leads With Rustom Over Hrithik’s Mohenjo Daro

Hrithik Roshan’s Mohenjo Daro and Akshay Kumar’s Rustom released this week and this one has been one of the biggest clash of the year. Both the stars have a huge standing at the box office as well as a massive fan base.

While Akshay’s Rustom took a much bigger opening than Hrithik’s Mohenjo Daro, the real test still remains as to how the films will be performing over the opening weekend. Interestingly, till now, Hrithik’s films have managed to take huge opening weekend collections although, with only almost one film a year. Akshay on the other hand has managed to give at least three films every year and most of them have fared well on the first weekend.

Akshay Vs Hrithik Opening Weekend Battle
Akshay Vs Hrithik Opening Weekend Battle

Here’s a look at the opening weekend collections of both the actors’ films from 2011-2016:

Film 1st Weekend Biz
Akshay’s Airlift 44.30 Cr
Akshay’s Housefull 3 53.31 Cr
Akshay’s Rustom 50.25 Cr
Hrithik’s Mohenjo Daro 30.54 Cr