Happy Bhag Jayegi Review

Rating: 2.5/5

One line Review: A fun comedy drama that narrates the story of a run-away bride who accidently lands in Lahore, Pakistan.

Positive Points: The fresh storyline gels well with the comic genre and turns out to be an entertaining flick. The performances of the actors manage to hide a few loop holes of the plot. Fun dialogues and apt comic punches keep the audience pleasantly hooked.

Negative Points: The predictable plot stretches a bit too much in the second half and makes things monotonous. Multiple sub-plots seem an unnecessary addition. Some sequences have been inadequately dragged.

Review Happy Bhag Jayegi

Plot: Happy (Diana Penty), a vivacious and bubbly girl falls in love and is in a relationship with her college sweetheart Guddu. Guddu is an unemployed musician due to which Happy’s father (Kanwaljeet Singh) is against their wedding and, in turn forces Happy to marry a local corporator Daman Singh Bagga (Jimmy Shergill). On the engagement night, Happy plans to elope with her boyfriend Guddu, but due to miscommunication she gets trapped in the wrong truck and lands in Lahore, Pakistan.

The truck reaches the house of Pakistani ex-governor, Javed Ahmed (Javed Khan), where Happy meets Bilal (Abhay Deol), the son of Javed Ahmed and a would be politician. Now, Happy is stuck in Pakistan and is creating havoc, in the meanwhile Bagga also lands Pakistan, looking out for her.

Will Happy and Guddu’s lovestory see a happy ending or Bagga will ruin their situation? Has Bilal also fallen for the bubbly girl Happy while helping her? Climax states the rest.

Direction and other Technical Aspects: Mudassar Aziz has done a decent job when it comes to direction. The story is likable with interesting dialogues and on point writing. The performances make the movie entertaining. The camera work is fine with laudable background score. The second half of the film is dragged and seems unpolished. The loop holes in the plot plus the predictability in the second half drain the energy of the movie. The actors and supporting cast spice the story up, putting together a commendable act.

Performances: Abhay Deol returns the silver screen after a big gap. He is an endowed actor and performes his role with full conviction.

Diana Penty essays a lively character and manages to pull it off well. Even Diana is back on the big screen after a gap. Her character is fun and likable, although could have been a bit more justifiable.

Jimmy Shergill is known to perform such roles brilliantly and yes, he is extremely good in his part. His character in this film, reminds his role in Tanu Weds Manu.

Ali Fazal also has a key role in the movie. He performs it with sincerity.

Piyush Mishra as the Pakistani cop tickles your funny bones. His comic timing is perfect and renders lovable doses of laughter every now and then. All other supporting characters play an appreciable part in the film.

Music: All the songs are passable and do not leave much impact. The popular track, ‘Single Ladies’ is not part of the film and is used as a promotional track.

Final Verdict: Happy Bhag Jayegi is a light hearted comedy drama that is sure to entertain the family audience. The movie can be a perfect weekend watch!