Akshay Kumar’s Rustom Is A Big Success In Week One Itself | Box Office

Rustom has collected fabulously in its Week One. Due to partial holiday of Rakhi, the film collected 7.25 crore* yesterday. With this, the film has set a record for the biggest Week One ever for Akshay Kumar as it has left Airlift [83.5 crore] far behind, what with 90 crore* coming in 7 days!

In fact, the film has also created the record of best theater occupancy right through the week since no other film in the past has collected such huge numbers in one week after being released in mere 2317 screens! This pretty much reflects on how well has the film been liked since even with limited shows and competition from Mohenjo Daro, it has collected handsomely day after day.

Akshay Kumar in a still from Rustom
Akshay Kumar in a still from Rustom

Made at a cost of just 40 crore (Cost of Production: 26 crore, P&A: 14 crore), the film has already started making profits. Since this cost doesn’t include the fee of Akshay Kumar (he is one of the producers and earns from the profits that are being made), Rustom is a win-win situation for all. Moreover, owing to such controlled production spent, Rustom was safe on the table itself for everyone who invested in it. As a result, the film is super successful already and it now has to be seen how much further does it grow from this point on.

With no real competition in sight from past or present, somehow one gets an inkling that there is a lot of running power still in there for this Zee Studios and KriArj Entertainment film to leverage on.

*Final numbers awaited

Note: All numbers as per production and distribution sources

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