A Flying Jatt Review

Rating: 2.5/5

One line Review: With fun sequences and interesting visuals, this superhero flick against pollution is a complete entertainer for kids.

Positive Points: The concept on which the film is based, and the message that it gives out, is interesting. The film will surely go well with their target audience – Kids. The humour element and its light hearted nature is the major attraction. Tiger Shroff as usual is very appealing and fits the bill.

Negative Points: Some unnecessary sequences drag the length of the film. Also, some scenes are a way too over board. The film is trying to convey a message about environmental protection. But, the fact that the entire city goes dark and stuff and many such things may not go well with the adult audience.

Review A Flying Jatt

Plot: Aman (Tiger Shroff) is a happy-go-lucky martial arts teacher in a local school, who lives with his mom Mrs. Dhillon (Amrita Singh), and brother (Gaurav Pandey). Aman loves his best friend and colleague Kirti (Jacqueline Fernandez) and is always trying to woo her. Mrs. Dhillon is a fierce lady, who owns a small society and land that has a holy tree. Aman’s normal life hits turmoil when an influential industrialist Mr. Malhotra (Kay Kay Menon) eyes their land, and plans to build a bridge by cutting the holy tree. But, Mrs. Dhillon being the ferocious lady that she is, rejects Malhotra’s proposal.

Malhotra’s factory is badly polluting the local lake and the city environment. In order to curb the land issue, he hires a Raka (Nathan Jones) to cut the holy tree and kill Aman’s family. On the night, when Raka tries to cut the holy tree, Aman tries to stop him but in vain. Then, something unusual happens, and in the presence of lighting and thunder; the holy tree renders magical powers to Aman, who then becomes the life saver superhero – The Flying Jatt. But, on the same night some powers unintentionally get transferred to Raka who also then becomes a powerful super villain who acquires power from toxic waste.

The story unfolds as our Flying Jatt tries to combat the super powerful Raka, who is polluting the entire city with toxic waste.

Direction and other Technical Aspects: Remo D’Souza has done a decent job when it comes to direction. The main elements in a superhero flick like VFX and cinematography could have been better. Some sequences in the film are dragged and unnecessary, just to mention a few, the song ‘Bangda Pa’ is plain irritating and uncalled for. The dialogues are fun while the humour element works very well. The scenes with Tiger and Amrita Singh are a delight. The superhero who is scared of heights and other such little things, makes the movie fun and lovable. The message that the film has put across is appreciable. The adult audience may feel it has been done too much and is preachy. A particular part of the climax is likable where Tiger takes Nathan to the moon and says ‘Tune Sahi Kaha Tha, Dharthi Par Aisi Koi Jaha Nahi Jaha Mai Tuje Maar Saku’. Hence, he brings him to the space. Hilarious yet smart! But then, even there it has been done a bit too much and scenes are dragged. Overall the film is a fun light hearted entertainer with a message that needs to be taken back home.

Performances: Tiger Shroff is the one carrying the film on his able shoulders. He is likable as the flying Jatt and is on point with his martial arts tactics. His strengths are aptly used in the movie.

Amrita Singh as a bubbly Punjabi mother is perfect for the role. Her comic acts are the highlights of the film.

Jacqueline Fernandez plays the love interest of our superhero. She looks gorgeous and is decent in her part. Her character has nothing much to do in the film.

Nathan Jones as the super villain is commendable. His huge personality and scary looks does half the job. His presence made it seem challenging for our superhero to win!

Gaurav Pandey essays the role of Tiger’s brother, he does a convincing job. Kay Kay Menon and all other supporting actors played their part well.

Music: The background score is superlative and appropriately support the visuals. The songs are passable, apart from the popular number ‘Beat Pe Booty’.

Final Verdict: If by watching this film, even a few children along with their guardians, plan to plant at least one tree and do something for the environment then, I guess, the purpose will be achieved. Overall, A Flying Jatt is entertaining, has a feel good appeal and is light hearted in nature. The kids will surely have a gala time watching the flick. It may not go well with everybody but, surely can be enjoyed by the family audience.